We believe the most alarming phrase in B2B demand generation is “we’ve always done it this way.”

The B2B buyer journey has changed dramatically. If you’re not innovating your demand generation strategies, it’s costing you. Big time.

Traditional lead generation strategies are no longer effective. Cold calling is dead and buried. Telemarketing just flat doesn’t work.

We believe lead generation should yield revenue-generating results.

That means your leads have to be exceptional. Highly qualified. Ultra-closable. Loaded with the kind of market intelligence that empowers your sales team to close the deal. And they have to be unique to you. Not shared many times over to your competitors.

Your leads have to have INTEGRITY.


Integrity-based lead generation focuses on your prospects first. Many technology vendors claim to be buyer-focused. But in reality, most fall short in practice. Especially when it comes to sales. To truly be of service, you should be listening to your prospects pains and challenges.

That’s where The Launchpad comes in.

We’re here in service of the IT leader. When your technology products and services can help IT leaders solve their business pains and challenges, that’s when we qualify leads for you.

Our approach is to help IT leaders and decision makers pinpoint their technology needs, challenges and business drivers, then translate that information to solution offerings in the technology market.

Whatever their needs are, we’re here to listen to them, get a deep level of understanding about their needs and find them technology partners who are a precise fit.

When we focus on the IT leaders, you win. That’s what makes leads actionable and closable. That’s integrity-based lead generation.

We know getting good leads isn’t easy. And getting exceptional leads might seem downright impossible.

But it isn’t.

Having executed on thousands of campaigns, we know what works and what doesn’t.

A data-driven, multi-touch integrated marketing approach that is 100% focused on solving the pains and challenges of your end customer must be the foundation of your B2B strategy.

But it can’t end there. Follow-up is critical. And that’s exactly what we do.

Not only do we get the highest quality, most closeable leads with the most actionable insights for your sales team. We stand by them.

Enter The Launchpad’s Revenue Closeability Engine, our unparalleled post-appointment follow-up service. We conduct follow-up outreach with both your prospects and your partners/sales people immediately after the appointment, at the 45 day mark, and the 90 day mark. You’ll get insight on next steps from both parties’ perspectives. We’ll continue to follow up past the 90 day mark, too – until a deal is won, lost or dead.

We’re not a low-cost, volume lead shop. We believe those kinds of leads create a false economy. Cost per lead doesn’t mean anything to us, because ultimately it shouldn’t mean anything to you. What you need are closed deals. We get it. That’s why we care about cost per conversion. That’s why we ensure our leads are qualified, closeable and loaded with actionable intel to help your sales people close the deal.

We’re innovators. We’re trail blazers.

We’ve got a little rebel genius in what we do and how we approach B2B lead gen after twenty-plus years in the space.

The B2B technology demand generation space is rapidly and constantly evolving. So is the savvy B2B IT buyer and their buying journey. The way it’s always been done is not going to work anymore.

You need innovators. You need trail blazers. You need a little rebel genius at the core of your demand generation strategy if you want to see leads that convert to closed business.

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