In last week’s blog we exposed the truth about why your appointment setting campaigns may not be producing ROI . This week, let’s talk about Integrity-Based Lead Generation, and why we believe this approach is what sets you up for maximum return on your marketing investment.

First of all, we believe one of the main reasons your appointment-setting campaigns have diminishing returns is because your leads are not unique to you.

That’s right. You’re not the only technology company or partner to receive that lead. Many lead generation companies are selling the same lead opportunity multiple times over – to you and your competitors. They’ve realized that they can double, triple or even 10x their own revenue by selling the same lead to you and all your competitors. Some telemarketing companies are booking 10, 20, 30 or more appointments with the same low-level IT contacts in a calendar year. If first appointments go well and then your prospects go dark, this is probably happening to you.

We think this is wrong.

You’re paying a premium for that lead. So is your competitor. So are all your competitors receiving that same opportunity.

The telemarketing companies think it’s on you to win or lose. “May the best sales person win,” is their philosophy. We think that’s their way of justifying unethical business practices and we want no part of it.

We believe lead generation should yield revenue-generating results.

That means your leads have to be exceptional, highly qualified and ultra-closeable. They also have to be loaded with the kind of market intelligence that empowers your sales team to go into that appointment head and shoulders above your competitors so you can close the deal.

And they have to be unique to you. Not shared many times over with all of your competitors.

At the end of the day, your leads have to have INTEGRITY.


Integrity-based lead generation focuses on your prospects first. Many technology vendors claim to be buyer-focused. But in reality, most fall short in practice. Especially when it comes to sales. To truly be of service, you should be listening to your prospects’ pains and challenges.

That’s where The Launchpad comes in.

We’re here in service of the IT leader. When your technology products and services can help IT leaders solve their business pains and challenges, that’s when we qualify leads for you.

Our approach is to help IT leaders and decision makers pinpoint their technology needs, challenges and business drivers, then translate that information to solution offerings among our client and campaign portfolio.

Whatever the prospects’ needs are, we’re here to listen to them, get a deep level of understanding about their needs and find them technology partners who are a precise fit. That’s when you receive a lead – when you are a precise fit to a prospect’s needs or have a solution that solves their pain.

When we focus on the IT leaders, you win. That’s what makes leads actionable and closable. That’s integrity-based lead generation.

A data-driven, multi-touch integrated marketing approach that is 100% focused on solving the pains and challenges of your end customer must be the foundation of your B2B strategy.

We like to think of ourselves as technology matchmakers. We get insight into our prospects needs, business challenges, pain points and hot buttons. We get a clear understanding about their IT plans and priorities. Then we find our prospects solution providers who can fulfill their needs, solve their problems and help them accomplish their objectives. We fast-track and simplify their discovery process by setting up appointments with the client we deem is the best fit for their needs and goals.

We only ever book one appointment with an appropriate IT decision maker for any unique initiative and no more. That prospect is then removed from our marketing universe for that initiative for 12 months.

Making money off the same lead for the same solution offering with the same contact is inappropriate and unethical.

The only time we would ever book multiple appointments with the same prospect is if it is truly in service of them and in service of you, our client. We want our prospects to be supported, whatever their needs are. We balance that desire with the desire to have our clients win as much business as they can to support that particular prospect.

If that prospect has multiple initiatives and we have a client who is a precise fit and can service all of those needs, we wouldn’t book multiple appointments because we know that all of their needs can be serviced by our client.

If that prospect has multiple unique initiatives planned, and those initiatives require more than one best-in-class technology partner, only then do we set multiple appointments for that prospect to engage with more than one of our clients. Because this is in service of the prospect and in service of our clients.

We only do this if we have an IT decision maker who has multiple initiatives planned and there is no conflict or overlap in those initiatives and it makes sense to connect them to more than one provider or partner. These initiatives are separately budgeted, have unique drivers and plans, and are often on separate timelines. And synching them up with one client won’t meet their needs. Their needs uniquely  require multiple solution partners to service them.

For example, a CIO might need 300 laptops immediately to transition workers to remote work models. But their top IT priorities are addressing network security and a cloud migration this year. All needs must be addressed this calendar year.

At the moment, we don’t have a single solution provider who can address all of these needs.

In this example, we might set one appointment for the prospect to talk to a provider about their immediate need for laptops. Then we might set another appointment for network security and cloud migration. Each is uniquely budgeted, with its own timeline and driving force. Each lead we send to each partner contains unique information about that particular need and lead.

We want to be very transparent with our partners.

We will NEVER book the same appointment about the same opportunity with the same contact.


We also don’t go out of our way to set multiple appointments.

Our approach is a prospect-focused approach.

We put the prospect and their needs first. We ask them what they need, what IT challenges they are facing, what business pains they want to solve and what IT priorities they plan to address. We want the prospect to be supported wherever they have real needs and pains. When they need engagement with best in class partners for each of their initiatives, we make it happen for them.

If you’re one of our clients and you receive a qualified appointment from us, it’s because we felt your solution offering was the best fit for their need. That’s what makes it closable. That’s what generates ROI. We’re not focused on sending you leads and hitting our numbers. That’s just a byproduct of focusing on our prospects’ needs.

We sleep well at night, knowing that every appointment we send to our clients has real revenue associated with it. And we’re super proud of that.

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