The Launchpad was created by award-winning B2B marketing professionals, Tonya and Paul Turrell.


Our previous business – a massively successful B2B technology lead generation firm we owned and ran for twelve years – was named one of Inc. magazine’s fastest growing private companies two years in a row prior to its sale in early 2015 (ranked #209 on Inc. 5000). We had a legion of happy clients. We were pioneers in evolving our core lead generation offerings away from traditional cold calling methods. We were the first to use multi-touch, integrated marketing approaches to generate leads. And we’re continually innovating in order to deliver the best, most actionable leads in the technology space.

We originally created The Launchpad as a data company to fill a gap in the market and to solve the obstacles we experienced running lead generation campaigns for our technology clients: immediate access to high quality data, no subscriptions, no minimum purchase requirements. We started the data business because for years as a lead generation firm, clients investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in their marketing efforts and the quality of the data consistently had a direct impact on the results. Accurate data was essential to maximizing their marketing dollars and yielding a more effective marketing campaign that generated leads which, ultimately, converted to closed revenue. Our vision was to make high quality, actionable business intelligence data available and accessible to our technology clients, so we partnered with tech genius Jake Kapostins to develop the tools that would allow our technology clients the ability to query, self-serve and purchase their own B2B technology datasets.
After launching as a data business, our clients invited us to get back into the demand generation space because our innovative strategies were, quite simply, the best. In our clients’ experience, our leads produced the highest quality, most closable near-term sales opportunities – the highest ROI. So that’s how we got back into the lead generation game.

By client request.