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You’ll get a unique code and simple linking tools to leverage your network of technology contacts. We’ll provide web, email and social media messaging, too!


Earn either 15% of the value of the sale in data credit or 10% in commissions on referred sales to The Launchpad.

Your network of contacts will receive 10% off when they use your code.


Do you know someone or some organization that can benefit from the most affordable, highest quality market intelligence in the technology space?

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  • Submit an application.
  • Once approved, complete your account profile.
  • Once your profile is complete, you will receive your unique Ambassador Code and a Welcome Kit with Linking Tools and templated messaging. We’ve made it easy for you to share The Launchpad.
  • Share the love and start earning commissions on all referred business using your code. Share your unique Ambassador Code and links to The Launchpad. Your network of contacts can build their list, buy their data and have it in their inbox within minutes! You’ll earn either 15% of the value of the sale in data credit or 10% in commissions – your choice. Your referrals will receive 10% off their purchase of data by using your code.
  • 5. Cha-ching! Your data credits will be available to you immediately. Spend them on data or convert them to commission. We can pay that to you as an individual, to your organization, or to a charity of your choice. Simply click on the “Distribute Credits” button under the credits on your dashboard. You can convert any amount of your credits to check or charity. At the end of each month, we will poll the “Pending” credit transactions and send them to the desired destinations. As long as people keep using your Ambassador Code, you’ll continue to earn on all sales.


  • You’ll earn either 15% of the value of the sale in data credit or 10% in commissions - your choice.
  • No minimum threshold for payments
  • No learning curve. Our unique platform allows you to just share and leverage your network. Once your referrals buy data from The Launchpad, you’ll receive commissions. It’s simple and easy. It requires nothing from you other than referring The Launchpad and providing your referrals with your unique Ambassador code.
  • Content and marketing messaging is provided: Email marketing templates, social media posts, Twitter post templates, web site and blog copy and scripts. No extra effort on your part. But you’re free to craft your own content if you like!
  • Deep discounts on data for you or your own organization. Use your own Ambassador code to receive 10% off your data purchase, then earn credit (15%) or commissions (10%) on any data you buy for yourself. Think of it as a rebate!
  • Responsive team to help you maximize your sales
  • As we build the brand, it will become evident that the quality of The Launchpad data is far superior. Make sure it’s your Ambassador code that’s out there in the market being utilized by your network so that you receive credit or commissions.